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  • Excellent interpretation. My money’s with you: the feeding frenzy is over. I work with a guy who tried to warn Blockbuster about the swift market shift that was the Netflix revolution. They didn’t listen. When it […]

  • So now that you are making all this money on books. Are you going to pay back all of the people you lied, cheated And stole from? From the “students” to those who bought land in your compound?

    It is so amazing […]

  • ThumbnailAt the tail end of any empire, there is always ample anecdotal evidence to prove that the dying empire is still in charge. That’s because they still are.
    In the final days of the Roman Empire there were plenty of […]

    • I like that Amazon is only counting a “sale” if the reader has completed more than 10% of the book. Good that they encourage reading in that way.

      But, it goes to show you that the best book marketing is to focus on quality and reader engagement — you want readers to be interested in the book, actually reading the book, and then feeling…[Read more]

  • rsmith posted an update 12 hours, 48 minutes ago

    This is second go on this site.

    I’m here because I’m a bit fed up with Goodreads and Amazon.
    Amongst other things I’m a bookseller in the UK. I need a place I can post reviews and provide a link to the respective publishers. And of course always it’s useful to see other takes on the book in question.

    So, we’ll see how this goes.

  • rsmith posted an update 13 hours, 4 minutes ago

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