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ThirdScribe provides authors with a wealth of promotional tools to help get the word out and build their brand. Everything from landing pages to newsletters, with a lot of extras in between.


Email Newsletters.


Email newsletters are an essential tool for authors when it comes to book promotion. ThirdScribe Author Pages and Author Websites have an email newsletter system ready for use. Already have a system you prefer (MailChimp for example)? No problem, our tools work with all of the major external newsletter services.

Easy, Effective Social Sharing.


Never underestimate the power of social sharing to get your message out. ThirdScribe fully supports Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Cards, and Google Search metatags.


Build Your Brand.


ThirdScribe Book Pages and Profiles are designed to work with your existing web presence. Using imagery similar to your website with those pages helps to solidify and extend your brand.


A Better Web Presence.

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ThirdScribe Author Pages and Author Sites set up in seconds, maintain themselves, and are packed with the features and integrations authors need.


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