• Zero Hour was driven by the advancements in AI & Robotics particularly inspired by the movie “Ex Machina”.

    Sounds like a facinating book, particularly the 2nd person writing style. I don’t think I’ve read a […]

  • As an author, my experience with Hollywood has been almost completely the opposite of what I’d been warned it would be. I suppose it is understandable and probably necessary that their be ample warnings. By all […]

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    I’m always interested in reader response. An excerpt from my novel was shared with a college class at Appalachia State on Affrilachian literature (I’m a co-founder of The Affrilachian Poets). Here is what she had to say:

    “Let it come as it would, and be ready”

    My initial reaction to chapter twelve from When Night Falls was that I wished I had…[Read more]