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    Got to listen to this in the car yesterday, and it definitely got me interested. But, to be honest, it was @hankgarner ‘s enthusiasm for “Red Country” more than anything else. Now I want to read that book… 😉

    I did think that it was very interesting how Joe talked about his life in television, particularly the “script doctors” and “editors” parts. How they build scenes with entrances, exits, and sounds was particularly insightful. I’ve never heard of that before, but once I did it I was like “of course!” It just goes to show you that there are tons of storytelling tricks across medium and genre, and some apply outside those genres as well.

    Another insight towards the end that struck me was the pace of his writing and how he felt about fans. In Indie circles, fast production is a must. Mainly, I think, to leverage the native promotion cycle of Amazon. But, the “big” writers like Joe – those with tens, even hundreds, of thousands of fans – don’t seem that worried about it. They move when the story is right, not before. Now, true, some publishers sit on those books a bit (as they did for Tad Williams’ latest), but others they move quickly. Still, they seem to not let the audience drive their craft – a huge difference from the leaders in the Indie author scene, who are adamant about rapid releases.