• Rob McClellan reviewed Book logo of Star Slammers: The Complete CollectionStar Slammers: The Complete Collection: 11 months, 1 week ago

    1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 starsStar Slammers totally blew me away when it first came out as an original Marvel graphic novel back in the ’80s – the old school oversized ones, mind you. I’ve read that story a hundred times at least. The concept of space samurai mercenaries was just more awesome than I could easily bear. I ate it up.

    But, sadly, that’s where the story ended for more than a decade, until Malibu Comics agreed to publish a new Slammers story in the 1990’s, this time a five part serial. More space pulp than hard bitten merc story, it was still pretty fantastic and it did my heart good to see the Slammers back in action.

    This volume is the first time both stories were collected in a single, seamless volume. The art is, in my opinion, some of Simonson’s best. For the uninitiated, this volume is a fantastic way to be introduced into the magnificent world of the Star Slammers.