Rob McClellan reviewed Book logo of ’til Death'til Death:

@robmc · 7:31 pm - June 30, 2016

I read “‘Til Death” by Jason Anspach ( @jonspach ) during a recent trip. I’m not gonna lie — I stayed up late a few nights to keep reading it.

The prose is exceptional, great dialog, and a real capturing of what I must imagine is the “feel” of the ’50’s. The style had a lightheartedness to it, but no loss of character, plot, or tension. Just a level of… comfort, perhaps? I can only describe it as the difference between a Humphry Bogart movie and a darker, modern thriller. It gave me a nice noir thriller without the swearing and sex — and, admittedly, I didn’t miss it at all.

More than a mystery, though, the book had a lot to say about life, love, and family. And, in a certain way, about the need to take a chance for something you care about.

The story centers around LA supernatural detective Sam Rockwell and his charming secretary, Amelia, as they investigate the murder of Sam’s father, who has returned as a ghost. Throughout the investigation,…[Read more]