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    “TAILS OF THE APOCALYPSE” was without a doubt one of the most inspirational anthologies I have read, or seen in both paperback and eBook forms in… forever. (Right here I will insert an apology to all the other anthologies I have loved. I love you, still, but the animals – and Vets – have first place in my heart!)

    I have read and revisited the book so many times I almost have it memorized. I sincerely believe it belongs in all public libraries, as I stated when it first came out. I cherish my paperback copy, reading and revisiting the eBook instead so as not to ruin my beloved paperback, but the truth is this… I adore it so much I almost messed it up simply by moving it with me through-out my day for the first year I owned it. I would have put it under my pillow, like some people with PTSD or thoughts that intruders may break in whilst they sleep do with guns, had I not talked some sense into my sentimental self. 🙂 I now leave it on my desk. Yes, ON it, so I can pick it up and look at it, for I am still doing that here in Jan 2017. Out of the thousands of books I have collected in my life, I have my most favored books very near to my desk, but only a few are on it, to be picked up and held at least once a week. This is one of those. I think it may always be that way.