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    I barely finished the sermon when the laptop battery went dead. It has been overcast and we’ve been unable to access much solar power, which is somewhat the “Genesis” of this story. We’ve been using the car to add some extra power to the solar batteries. Well, last night the serpentine belt went out on the car. Just shredded. So now we’re without a working vehicle and without power. All of this is somewhat an answer to prayer, if you can imagine, like we can after so many years living purely on the mercy of God, because we have been without a generator, and the car had been acting up and I’d been praying that somehow, along with us building an infrastructure to distribute the sermons and teachings, that these other issues would be dealt with. My friend is coming to get the car today or tomorrow to have his nephew look at it. I’ll need to raise the money to get it fixed, and hopefully to buy a generator. In the meantime (I’m on my phone) I’m going to try to send out an email to the ministry email list with the details. More to come…