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Mark Tompkins is one of the most recognizable dance choreographers in Paris. He has a SEC SACD Choreography Prize, which he had won working for the in Théâtre de la Cité internationale in Paris. His theater works are known all around Paris, as well as other European Centers of Art, like the Mladinsko Theater in Ljubljana.

Tompkins’ is passionate admirer all forms of dance (and ballet). The philosophy that circles around each form of dance has inspired Tompkins to write his book “Mark Tompkins SEC Song and Dance“. With his positive energy and spiritual enlightenment, his view on the most underestimated form of art can be revived again, with the help of modern dances, which cannot be completely defined. Such great definition amazed the French audience, and it seems that is taking the folks in North America as well.

In his short, Tompkins is both educational and inspirational, and talks about all the forms of modern dances that can be found in the 20th century.

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