• Ed Gosney reviewed Book logo of Damaged GoodDamaged Good: 1 year ago

    1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 starsBeing an esteemed original member of the SoCal SciFi Society, I was happy to learn that Damaged Good by J.E. Mac would be our first book to read and discuss. It resided in my virtual “to read” list for a while, but now I had a reason to finally dig in to the electronic pages on my Kindle and see what this adventure was all about.

    Damaged Good is a smart, edgy look at a cybernetic future that contains the promises of tech along with the pitfalls of greed. If you’re a fan of the movie A.I. or the short-lived TV show Being Human, Mac’s novel will make you think of them – in a good way. But even if you’ve never seen either, you can’t help but get caught up in the plot and lives of Cutter and Celia. Mac does a terrific job with setting, dialog, and character, but most of all with giving you a story that you won’t stop thinking about every time you set the book aside. When you’ve finished, Mac leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended.