• Ed Gosney posted an update in the Book Book logo of SoCal SciFi SocietySoCal SciFi Society 1 year ago

    J.E. Mac, I’m really glad Rob invited me to this Sci Fi book club, because I really enjoyed reading Damaged Good. I finished it today and posted my short review on Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. Looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts this coming Monday.

    • Awesome, @edgosney ! I’m still reading, got a bit bogged down. I’m travelling next week, a bit unplanned, but will finish while on the trip. I’ll join in with discussions as I can.

      And, hey, why not put in a review on the book itself here on ThirdScribe…?

    • Thanks, Ed! Appreciate the kind words! I’m going around Thumbs Upping everything I see. I’m just a lil slow seeing these new things come up. Have my head buried in other stuff atm.