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    @adtrosper has this book on “Kindle Countdown Deal”! 99 cents until time runs out!

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  • @iconiclast , I downloaded a sample of “When Night Falls” from nook. I read your forward for the book about not having a hero you could relate to as a kid and that part of your purpose behind this book was to ensure that “everyone would find a heroic character with whom they could identify.”

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    • I wouldn’t say that a lack of diversity would negatively effect my enjoyment of a book. Whether or not I can relate to a character doesn’t really have so much to do with what race they are, but what their personality is and whether they have any qualities that I admire or wish I had. I think more diversity could have a positive or a negative…[Read more]

    • IME it’s tricky. When a reader sees that there are a few non-white-straight-men (or women) thrown in and it seems contrived, like PC for the sake of PC, it’ll set an alarm off in their head and you lose the reader. In Article 9 I have a few (I hate to use the word, but it fits here) minority characters but they were placed in situation that I…[Read more]

    • Rob, thanks for the interest, the first answer to your question is that we need to explode the notion that medieval European is the default setting for fantasy. Frankly, it’s lazy. The history of the world is filled with all manner of ancient settings. And even if medieval Europe is your setting, adding diversity is as simple as acknowledging that…[Read more]

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