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    Marissa Willey

    This forum is created to connect readers or authors who want to review books with those who have books that need reviewing!

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    Rob McClellan

    I’m pretty sure @fictionbyangela is looking for reviews for her debut novel, Otherworlders. Care to let potential reader/reviewers know how they can get a hold of a review ARC, Angela?

    I gather from facebook that @jonfrater is also looking for more reviews of his excellent Article 9, the first book in his new Blockade series.

    I know both @crayolakym and @kythe42 are avid reviewers and might be interested in something new in that genre.

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      Thanks for thinking of me Rob, but I’ve already promised to do an ARC review for someone for the near future, so I can’t really commit to doing any others anytime soon especially since I have so much other stuff on my list to read. I’ve also been slowing down in how much I’ve been reading(as far as real books go) because my extreme obsession with the new show Forever has sparked a surge of creativity that I’ve not had in years and a good deal of my time has been spent writing fanfiction for that show as well as reading the fanfiction that others have written.

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      Angela Cavanaugh

      Thanks :), I am still looking for more ARC readers. If anyone is interested, they can email me at [email protected] or message me on here and I’ll send the ebook.

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    Marissa Willey

    I want to keep this forum in the forefront of our minds, so I want to offer myself as a reviewer to the first five people who ask me. If it’s a medical or law drama, I will pass it onto the person who is better equipped for those genres, but sci-fi, fantasy, romance, adventure, anything that doesn’t kill a dog – I’m your girl!

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    I’d like to take you up on that offer Marissa.

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      Marissa Willey

      Woohoo! I am very excited! I will send you a message right now to learn more!

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    Ryan Link

    Marissa, I will be #2, if you’re up for it. My book has been out a while but it’s still ripe for review! And it is novella length so it won’t take too long.

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      Marissa Willey

      I am in! I’ll send you a message right now!

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    Hi, I could also use some reviews on my debut novel Reborn From Blood (YA novel).

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    Dwight Hobbes

    Deal me in, Ms. Wiley, sounds like a fine opportunity! – dh

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    Blue Cole

    Ms. Willey, I’d like to take you up on your offer. Can you message me as well? My novel is a YA novel that’s a cross between Lord of the Flies, and McCormacks ‘The Road’.


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    Leon Opio

    Anyone interested in reviewing my Horror book Vengeance is Mine, Please contact me.

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    Marissa Willey

    I would love to read all of your books and review them! I need to get the two I’m currently reading reviewed and then I will message you all 🙂

    Also, keep your eyes open for more reviewer/reviewee news coming soon!

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    Ed Gosney

    Marissa, I’m in! Just tell me what you need when you are ready.

    Rob, thanks for steering me here!

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    Hi Marissa,
    Thanks for lovely welcome. Still negotiating my way around. If anyone wishes to review my books, I have two listed, ‘Stalking Aidan’ and ‘Progeny Of A Killer. ‘ Feel free..
    An interesting blog. I suppose, as authors we all need the much sought after review.

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    Gary L. Close

    What a great post. Who wouldn’t like a review or two — and I regularly write reviews as well. My book Breakout has been described as H.G. Wells meets John Grisham. Right now I am into dystopian novels of all genres…I especially like EMP and Zombie literature. Science Fiction is always something I would read.

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    Marissa Willey

    Wow! Such a great response! I’m honestly a bit behind, I am so so sorry! I will get to you all, I promise! Also, keep your ears and eyes open for our new Select program! I think you all might be interested 😉

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    Marissa Willey

    Ok Jamie, your review is up. Ryan I am onto yours. I promise I will start moving a bit faster on these now, I got a bit behind with the super flu going around!

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    Marissa Willey

    Ryan, I just posted yours as well! Pelmus, I am going to write you a private message shortly.

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    Leon Opio

    If anyone interested in reviewing my suspenseful/Thriller Vengeance is mine. Please contact me here or via my email [email protected]. Thank you

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    I’m new to this group and still trying to figure out how everything works here. I have two novels currently (neither published), one is in first draft phase (about 1/2 way) and the other is being rewritten in a new format. Does anyone tackle this kind of reading or only published works? I am also a willing, if tyro, reviewer, reading fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, young adult and what catches my eye. I blog at , predominantly essay and verse and have a film degree with a screenwriting focus.

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    A.W. Richey

    If anyone would like a free ebook of Black & White Feathers to review on Amazon, please contact me.

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