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    Timothy C. Ward

    What books would come to mind if someone asked you for modern day fantasy stories? Not Urban Fantasy, where the tropes are vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters battling witty detectives, leather clad woman with long knives, or hunks with crossbows. I’m talking about books that were inspired by epic fantasies like Dragonlance, mixed in with a love for post apocalyptic fiction like Walking Dead, but without dragons, knights, or long and boring buildups prior to the zombie horde finales.

    The closest I can think of is Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The Gunslinger goes back and forth between a weird world and our modern one, but most of it is in the weird realty, which is more like a wild west setting.

    The reason I ask, in full disclosure, is because I wrote a modern fantasy called Godsknife: Revolt. I like to think it’s audience is post-apocalyptic fans who also like fantasy, but the genre mashup is failing to attract fans of either, so I’m trying to find out books in this modern day fantasy–bordering on horror–and to see what they do well and whom they’d call fans.

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    A number of protal fantasies deal with this kind of storytelling, but there are some other straight “modern” fantasies as well that probably fall into this category.

    Tad William’s “The War of the Flowers” comes immediately to mind. Also, the Fionavar Tapestry, by Guy Gavriel Kay might fall into this category. Also, the WYRD books by @nickcole are fairly solidly in this realm, especially considering the parallel dimensions and the zombies. And, I think that this sounds like books by Weston Ochse as well – modern, supernatural, and with a “horde finale”.

    Looking at Godsknife: Revolt on Amazon, your alsobots are an absolute mess, with a lot of military scifi there instead of your horror/fantasy target audience. Your categories are all under “Thriller”, which might not be what you want as the “sponsored products related” are all action/suspense thrillers. When you look at Godsknife on Yasiv ( , The only thing pointing to that book is your other book (Lineage). It is on the fringe of a sea of military scifi.

    You need to fix that. Start with this article by David Gaughran.

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