In WICK 1… a man walked out of New York City after Hurricane Sandy and fell off the edge of the earth…

In WICK 2: Charm School… a mysterious town explodes in violence and America is dealt a deadly blow…

In WICK 3: Exodus… the world is without power. You are on foot and have no home. Any stranger you meet may kill you… and normal is never coming back.

As civilization comes apart after the detonation of a “super-EMP” weapon over the American northeast, and as violence and war spiral outward, enveloping the whole world, Warwick refugees wander out into the mayhem and madness to escape the life of lies they’ve left behind. Now, they are heading for Amish country in Pennsylvania, with no idea of what they might find when they get there.

WICK 3 is the explosive third volume in the planned, four-part, bestselling WICK series.


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