Forbidden Memories. Ancient Powers. Galactic Uprising.

Long ago, the Rucien people were spirited away to the safety of a distant planet. The discovery of technology that uses memories to fold space has brought back the danger they left millennia ago.

Now Cullen, the exiled son of the Rucien Star General, is given a way home. But first, a mission: rescue a family from prison and escort them through a jungle full of genetic experiments gone wrong. No problem.

In their escape, Ehli and her son, Emmit discover strange powers and the dark secret behind Ehli’s husband’s death. As an ancient power creates unstable abilities, their destiny wrestles with tragedy on the edge of a cliff.

If the dangers they face in Jehu Jungle are only the beginning, the tales of their glory may be short lived.

Ultras is releasing exclusively in the Dominion Rising box set on August 8th. It will release independently as an ebook and paperback in early 2018. Subscribe to the author newsletter for early access to the next book in the series.


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