“Scathing lunacy. Back to the Future meets Idiocracy.” ~ New York Times Bestselling author Jim Butcher

***From the Author: This is the second episode in the first season of Time Looter. It is novella length and way worth the money, but it obviously also ends in a cliffhanger, duh, so none of you dummies buy it if you’re too dumb to figure that out from the description. And, there are bad words in this one, too. ~ Love, Fenton Cooper***

The adventure continues as Casey Atlas finds himself on a sinking Titanic and now he’s being hunted, and the hunters are not what you’d expect. As Casey races against time to find and save some friends, he is being sought by a crazy transformer robot, a shape shifter, and an odd man in a Red Bowler hat, each that have their own agenda—and catching Casey is way up on the list.

FENTON COOPER continues this laugh-out-loud series that takes Time Travel and the best Heist Movies and smashes them together shamelessly.


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