This is the complete WICK Omnibus Edition, and includes the completely re-edited and expanded text of Michael Bunker and Chris Awalt’s four, bestselling WICK series books. This is the full and complete Omnibus Edition and consists of ALL four WICK books. The first book of the series (included in this Omnibus edition) is available for free in Kindle format:

“…beautiful and haunting…”
“…Tolstoyan, and beautiful…”
“…positively anarchic…”

In WICK 1… a man walked out of New York City after Hurricane Sandy and fell off the edge of the earth…
In WICK 2: Charm School… a mysterious town explodes in violence and America is dealt a deadly blow…
In WICK 3: Exodus… the world is without power. You are on foot and have no home. Any stranger you meet may kill you… and normal is never coming back…
In WICK 4: One Word of Truth… Weeks after the world has been crippled by massive EMP attacks, nuclear weapons are used on major cities, and survivors grapple with a changed world that will never be the same again.

In this much anticipated WICK Omnibus Edition, Michael Bunker’s completed WICK series is finally bound into one earth-shattering novel.


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