Incredible fiction based on real events.

Violence has disrupted the peaceful traditions of Arnaka’s temples. Ashta and Anak, twins of an ancient prophecy, are on the run, and a dark and insidious man who exchanged his soul for immortality hunts them mercilessly, pursuing them to the end of the earth, and then, even farther. He will stop at nothing to prevent Ashta and Anak from fulfilling their destinies.

Thousands of years ago, one of the world’s greatest treasures was hidden in an old, enchanted forest and protected by supernatural forces. When modern day Elena sees visions of this other time, all doubt is now absent, and she believes her visions to the point of peril. When two time lines collide, the risk doubles, and she has no idea that she is embarking on a journey into mysteries so powerful that danger follows them everywhere. She becomes entangled in a time past, where the rules of life she is accustomed to don’t apply. Danger pursues her into the American Southwest and jeopardizes something even more valuable than her life. It is up to a man she has loved before, masters of an ancient temple, and a woodland wizard to halt the dark and dangerous momentum that was set in motion long ago.

A forgotten history. An unmentionable name. A mysterious pyramid, its entrance sealed to humanity. Life times past and present, entwining. A danger so great that it is unimaginable.

Will Namana reveal its secrets in time to prevent a calamity so dark that it will cross worlds?

Embark on the journey that has changed lives.


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