A dragon, who isn’t supposed to exist. A history of deadly secrets. A ghost risen from the grave. A cat, who’s half a girl, and a split, who’s half a man. Magic has never seemed more complicated.

When the two most feared magicians of the underworld band to hunt Clara, she needs to be able to count on her friends. But that’s difficult to do when she’s surrounded by masters of illusion, who can bend reality as easily as they bend truth.

The immortal Count and the dark Merqueen don’t play by anyone’s rules but their own. And when they turn to forbidden magic, Clara must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to survive.

With her magic strong, and the Count and Merqueen desperate to steal it, it’s more important than ever that Clara protect the five-petal knot. But will she be able to when her enemies threaten those she loves?

If you like stories with non-stop adventure, empowered heroines, moody magicians, mythical creatures with attitude, and castles with personality, you’ll love The Scarlet Dragon, the fifth installment in The Witching World series.


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