Magic. Fantasy. Romance. Perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce, Elise Kova, and Rachel E. Carter.

A demonic satyr. Rogue pixies. Diminutive dragons. Phoenixes and imps.
No one ever said magic would be boring.

Clara barely survived the dark force that attacked Irele Castle. One of her teachers didn’t. But the number of dark magicians hunting her and her friends has only increased.

She still doesn’t understand the extent of her powers, and her foes are cutting off every opportunity for her to discover it. As if the immortal count weren’t terrifying enough, now Clara’s former fiancĂ© and a magician she believed dead have combined their efforts to kill her.

And it gets worse. The Merqueen’s already stolen three years of Clara’s life. But she wants more, and she’s as powerful as the count. They’re racing to claim her soul. Will Clara, who’s still new to the magical world, be able to find the way to stop them in time, when the many forces of darkness are converging on her?

If you like stories with non-stop adventure, empowered heroines, moody magicians, and mythical creatures with attitude, you’ll love The Merqueen, the third installment in The Witching World series.


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