Revered as gods. Hunted like animals.
Forging a bond with the creatures of their nature.
A bond based in instinct. A test of their humanity.
Some find strength in their connection. Others struggle to align
primal animal instincts with their own humanity. They must learn
to live within these conflicted natures, if the blood is to endure.

Part 2: Kings
“We go south,” Ben announced, nearly twenty-five years past, as they
sat next to a dying fire, as summer stars washed across a glowing sky.
The night of the Twin Full, when both moons swelled together to cast
a brilliant white glow over the landscape. Though Shepard had
witnessed the triennial occurrence eight times since, and as
many before, that was the one he remembered best, for this was
the occasion upon which both their lives would turn forevermore.

So begins Kings, the second installment in The House of Jake Series.
Members of the King’s Guard join Ben in a search for silver, in a last
excursion to a foreign land to fulfill the promise made to his father.
But what they find instead will change the course of all their lives,
and of the kingdom itself. For it is Zania and the elephants that are
the real prize, and whether they get out alive will test his bond, both
with those of the Guard in his service, as well as those of the herd
who are now—have always been—in his blood.


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