What if the deepest parts of you were bound to a wild creature, one not of your choosing? What if that bond could only be broken by death?

Benjamin, King of Tullia, born to the blood of the Ancients, bonded to a herd of Southern Massive elephants. Grown old in his castle atop the mountain, he now finds his home under siege by the vast army of the Garholt. A forgotten enemy, come now for what remains of the bloodline, to wipe it out forever. But though his numbers are few, his elephants are formidable, all but ensuring his victory.

Or do they? And if the elephants cannot save the Tullians from destruction, will it be Grace, his young daughter, who must come forth to defend? A girl, only just discovering her own creature bond amidst the turmoil, now forced into a circumstance she could never imagine?

These are the Blooded. Once revered as Gods, now hunted like animals. In this epic fantasy chronicle, The House of Jake weaves a tapestry through four generations of the ancient bloodline, as they struggle to align their own humanity with the primal instincts of the animals to which they are bound. Few are chosen. Fewer survive. The enchanting world of Tullia awaits.

Discover what one reader describes as “…Filling the senses with LIFE….a dance, a magnificent dance done on the stage of paper. It is food for the soul.”


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