The Empire of Detarra’s dream of interstellar conquest is on the verge of realization. Their fleet, under the command of legendary Admiral Kardon, has finally arrived at the planet Ketarra. And Guardsman Tel R’Gande is waiting.

For ten millennia, the members of the Guard have served the galaxy with a singular purpose: Safeguard Civilization. Their origins are long lost to antiquity, but they have always been there, watching and protecting. They have guided the advancement of thousands of races across hundreds of light years of known space. Their weapons formidable. Their science unfathomable.

Tel R’Gande holds the position of Warrior for his sector, and has intervened many times in the border skirmishes between the Hamorians, Detarrans, and Sommelin. He thought he’d seen it all. But now, at the edge of Ketarra’s gravity well, Tel R’Gande will witness something that hasn’t been seen in this universe for ten millennia… Something that will change everything.

The Guard: Defense of Ketarra is a graphic novel and is best displayed on the Kindle Fire or other full color tablets.


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