A cat with a terrible secret. A boy back from the dead. A cursed firedrake. A man split in half for love. Magic was never meant to be safe.

The immortal Count Washur has been waiting for Clara to grow more powerful to collect her soul. Now he’s after her.

Clara knows it’s a trap, but she goes anyway because he has something–someone–she can’t bear to lose. Washur Castle seethes with dark magic while it carries out the count’s attack. Clara and her friends are strong and their magic is stronger. But with their forces divided, can they overcome monsters and deadly illusions in time to save them all?

If you like stories with non-stop adventure, empowered heroines, moody magicians, mythical creatures with attitude, and prickly castles with a mission, you’ll love The Ginger Cat, the fourth installment in The Witching World series.


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