Within these pages you will meet an array of characters. Choices are made that will change lives. Are they right or wrong? You decide. Each brief story deliberately distills a life’s essence. Mika Sugano’s original illustrations compliment D. K. Cassidy’s flashes of fiction, heightening these refreshing ideas and themes on the page.

Welcome to Modern Gothic stories that are droll, horrific, and thought provoking.

• George, a child who collects things
• Cinderella’s stepmother in therapy
• A paraplegic finds her true life
• Caleb, unwanted, neglected, now grown
• Jared, baptized in a coffee world
• A mother lost in her torn past
• And six others
Reviewed by Heather Osborne for Readers’ Favorite:

Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories by D.K. Cassidy is a dark compilation of twisted tales. Several of the stories focus around George, an obese collector of things, and Caleb, a young man who has an almost psychopathic streak. As the collection begins, we see stories that explain what happened during the childhoods of these two men. Subsequent stories provide insight into their lives as they grow up. Intermixed into these bizarre tales are stories ranging from one about Cinderella’s stepmother and her morbid obsession with mutilating her daughters for monetary gain to one about Naiad, a girl who was shot and became paralyzed. In some of the other stories, George and Caleb make subtle appearances as background characters.

Miss Cassidy is truly talented in her ability to weave together such interesting tales. Apprehensive after the first story, my heart went out to George, his only friends being action figures due to an oppressive mother during his childhood. “Super Friends” had to be my favorite story out of the entire book, bringing me to tears. George relied on the only people that would not judge him for his weight. He buried his sorrows and loneliness in the only comfort he knew: food. The collection was put together in such a way that each new story provided a piece of a developing puzzle. I would love to know what happened to George and Caleb. Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories is not for someone looking for a feel-good book, but for someone not afraid to explore new literary boundaries. Absolutely excellent!


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