Soon after the scratching winds blew in, Amy’s family was dead and she had no one to turn to. Somehow, she was immune, but that didn’t mean Amy wasn’t affected. She was a carrier, and now in order to survive, she would have to use her new abilities in order to eat, regardless of the consequences. But then Amy found Butch, and her new life in this post-apocalyptic world might not be as bleak as thought it was going to be.

Something the Wind Blew In is a creepy, somewhat disturbing, post-apocalyptic Halloween tale with doses of humor, romance, and the new meaning of family thrown in. If you think a zombie apocalypse is going to bring on the end of the world, you are wrong. Dead wrong. Because there is something far worse out there. It doesn’t come from a bite or a blood transfusion or even a full moon. The world instead will end from Something the Wind Blew In.


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