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    Rob McClellan

    OK, fellow readers, here is the discussion space for our esteemed February read, “Leviathan Wakes.”

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    Rob McClellan

    Just finished to today, as is my usual “just in time” reading method. I have already bought Caliban’s War. I’m all in.

    Amazingly, the Expanse TV just aired the episode that captured the ending of Book 1, and that was just as crazy. Was cool to see the visual on TV of the final scenes. They kind of guided my view of them, but changed them as well. The book was a lot more “open ended” with its close than the TV series was, IMO. How did you all feel about that?

    What did you all think of it? What was your “best and worst” of the book?

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    Ed Gosney

    Glad I can finally get on this page, as I had trouble last week!

    I read Leviathan Wakes about three years ago, and when I started watching the show, I noticed some differences and was a little disappointed with the way season one ended. But Christopher Boore explained how they’ve started layering in characters from other books to put them in the timeline, and now I see what they did and like it. A lot. Miller is one of my favorite characters, and I enjoyed seeing that last episode.

    I’ve read something like four or five of the books and about three of the novellas, and I love this series. I just wish I had the time to reread Leviathan Wakes, but too busy with work and other things these days. One of the things I remember from the first book is the reference to the “vomit zombies,” and you don’t hear those two words used together often! For those continuing on with this series, I think you’ll be pleased with the way the crew gets along, all the references to coffee (who doesn’t enjoy that kind of talk?), and the new characters that enter the universe of The Expanse.

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