This is an important title for skills development training that requires internal energy support in practice. The development of the healing powerhouse within in the therapist and the customer of Shiatsu is a rigorous discipline belonging to Zen practices. The book discusses the origins of energy and its many matrixes in the body and mind, stemming from the organ reservoir. The management of transcendental differentiation is desired in a approved therapist to manage this science. The mind control, precision, balance and internal harmonization is vital for developing a Shiatsu practise. This book is richly illustrated with themes from ancient texts and Shiatsu tradition. Its ancestry in Chinese classics is described along with competency listings of modern workplace regulations for Shiatsu therapists. The tradition and culture through the ages is visually and technically mapped to convey the essence of the system. A difficult science has been simplified and converted to practical ruling, yet it is fully manageable in its technical description for all readers, therapists, yogis, zen practitioners and spiritualists. The book is much more than an ordinary textbook of Shiatsu. It is a supply for many of a way of health and lifestyle that can give support to the eternal spiritual journey. For those who seek more from massage and zen practise, this manual will provide a way into the cosmic
infinite through perfection of the mind-body ki matrix. A must for therapists, spiritualists, massage centers and customers.


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