If the technology that nearly ended our world could bring your child back to life, would you use it?
Inspired by the world of Sand by Hugh Howey and written with his permission. This stand alone series injects the action of Mad Max: Fury Road into a hostile environment catered to fans of Alien.

Hundreds of years ago a nanotech virus nearly wiped out humanity. The kernel of that technology was locked in a buried military base and guarded by a class of sentries. A tyrant has found a way to unleash it while trapping Divemaster Rush and his wife Star inside. When he arrives, he plans to use its replicating technology to rebuild America and procure life eternal.

If the crew inside can escape, they’d like to use this power for good. But what seems too good to be true may also be too late to reverse. Some wouldn’t even if they could, even if what they’re becoming is much like the tyrants they’re fighting.

As Rush and Star fight for their lives and marriage, they discover a way to resurrect their child. If they do, will he be the one they knew? If not, how far will they go to force what shouldn’t be?


  • Profile picture of Timothy C. Ward