Is Ilara really the princess, or is the real princess on Planet Sand? Tanus isn’t sure, and worse, in his heart he doesn’t want to know.

The monarchy is vulnerable and so are the people of Origins. They need the princess. Ilara still doesn’t remember a life on O, so why does she have the skills of a trained warrior? Why does the role of princess come so naturally?

The men who intend to rule are out to stop her—permanently. She could hide until she claimed the throne if she wasn’t the most recognizable woman on O. But nothing comes easy when almost everyone believes you’re dead, and the ones who don’t are trying to kill you. Whoever she really is, she’ll protect the people of Origins.

Tanus is enraptured by this fierce woman who does things to him no woman has ever been able to do. And for her he’ll defy evil courtiers, she-dragons, and the vagaries of luck.

If you like stories with non-stop adventure, mind-bending powers, sultry princesses, and badass heroes with attitude to spare, you’ll love Purple Worlds, the fourth book in the Planet Origins series.


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