Death isn’t always the end. Sometimes it’s the beginning.

Hardened soldier, Tanus, hunts for a princess. The king says she’s dead, but Tanus is determined to return her to the throne.

To discover the truth, Tanus must do a mind merge with the king, when the king will use every one of his secrets against him. And the king isn’t the only dangerous man. Tanus must betray his own father, a man not even the king will cross, to find the princess.

Tanus can allow the monarchy to crumble and accept life without the only woman he’s ever loved, or he can fight. But when every outlaw is out to get him, will he have the skill to survive?

If you like non-stop adventure, mind-bending powers, and badass heroes with attitude to spare, you will LOVE the first installment of the Planet Origins series.


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