Sam is a Bokononist researching a book on the end of the world.

The problem is that it is an end that only four people remember, an end that occurred in 1961 and brought about by Ice-nine, a supposedly fictional substance. Hot on the trail of the truth, Sam finds himself on a journey no one would ever believe. He’ll fight a giant, marry a woman who has been dead for years, and set out on an adventure with a crazy time-traveling elevator operator named Rayford, who zips him through time and space as they seek to solve the mystery of the apocalypse that once—and never—was.

Osage Two Diamonds is a humorous and satirical parable set in the world of Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle that asks, What if it were all true? What if Vonnegut wrote a fictionalized account of real events and the world really did end in 1961, but someone subsequently un-ended it?


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