The most cunning and powerful men on O are out to get Tanus. So he does what he does best. He fights back.

Tanus and fellow soldier Dolpheus are no closer to discovering what planet Princess Ilara is on or how to get her back. Even though they’ve broken every rule. Even though they’ve merged with the minds and bodies of kings and courtiers and nearly lost their heads.

The King’s dying. Restoring Ilara to the throne is all that can protect the people of Origins from the tyrants waiting to rule. But the only way to find Ilara is straight through a nest of vipers and a labyrinth of memories a thousand years old.

Tanus needs Ilara—the woman, not the princess—now more than ever before. Rescuing her seems an impossible feat. It’s a good thing Tanus and Dolpheus believe nothing’s impossible. There’s no one better to prove it than them.

If you like stories with non-stop adventure, mind-bending powers, and badass heroes with attitude to spare, you’ll love Original Elements, the second book in the Planet Origins series.


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