Twelve-year-old Alex Noble is locked in the library. Finding a dusty old book that appears to be written just for him, Alex escapes to a time of sword and sorcery.
In the world of the story, a peasant boy named Lucas falls in love with a princess named Stefanie. To win her heart, he receives magical help from a talking oak tree, and its tree faeries. They disguise the young serf as a knight named Sir Luke the Noble, and it’s off to the royal palace to ask the king for Stefanie’s hand in marriage.
Once there, the peasant-boy-turned-knight finds he’s in way over his head. Can Lucas navigate royal politics, an arrogant prince, magic lessons, and a dangerous quest; all while finding true love?
A reverse-Cinderella meets traditional fantasy-adventure story, Noble, will answer what happened “once upon a time” in a way quite unlike your childhood faerie tales.


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