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    Bottom line up front: I loved this book.

    “Nighthawks At The Mission” takes the familiar tropes of portal fantasy and YA fiction and turns them completely on their head. Then shoots them. Execution style. While wearing a ragged motorcycle jacket and scuffed boots.

    The story starts out familiar enough, with young Sarah unhappy with her low paying life in an America slouching towards corporate dystopia. But, there’s a strange portal out in the ocean that offers life in another world, The Oberon, a fantastic world with dark magic and mystical creatures. So, she boards the boat and heads out, like-minded semi-boyfriend in tow.

    Sounds a like the premise for just about every female led, dystopian YA adventure serial. But, once in the Oberon, the author throws that premise to the dogs. Literally.

    Sarah dumps the tool semi-boyfriend, gets caught up with a bad crowd, and starts to make some terrible life decisions, all while being unwillingly dragged into a dual…[Read more]