From Drew Avera, author of the bestselling series The Alorian Wars, comes the third book in his ongoing space opera series. The stakes are higher as the Greshian Empire expands. Is all hope lost?

The crew of the Replicade found peace after escaping the space pirate known as Crase Tuin. But the tranquility of an alien world has a hidden darkness that is brought to light when they encounter a young girl with special abilities. When Anki and Brendle intervene to help her, they are caught in the crosshairs of a secret, powerful organization intent to seize the girl or destroy them all. Faced with potential death, the crew must make a decision: give into the looming threat of the organization called CERCO, or die fighting to protect her.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Ilium Gyl has taken command of the Greshian scout ship Hamæråté. A breach in protocol brings questions of his loyalty to the Greshian Empire and leads to a power struggle as a rebellion sparks in a faraway sector of the Alorian Galaxy. Will his ambitions cripple the Greshian Fleet, or will he emerge a hero, a conqueror, a savior?

Mutiny Rising is the third book in The Alorian Wars series. The Alorian Wars, a space opera filled with political intrigue and shrouded in mystery, is sure to please fans of The Expanse, Dark Matter, Firefly, and Killjoys. Join the war today!


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