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Michael J. Elliott

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Thriller and Suspense

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Sharon Lipman/Fantasia Covers

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Five Stars For Bleak Christmas Tale
By Stewart on March 21, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Well I didn't see that coming.

Michael J. Elliott's sad tale of a lonely widower's Christmas takes us on a joyless ride into the life of an elderly man who lost his wife nearly six years before the tragic end sequence.

I read this author's macabre work "Dinner For Two" a few weeks ago, and will now say what I thought at that time: some authors should be called storytellers rather than writers (and I class myself in that category). Also, the renowned UK novelist Jeffrey Archer says of himself "Don't call me a writer, because I'm not. I'm a storyteller." I personally believe that's the biggest compliment an author can have. And this story is a perfect example of that.

We're given a thought-provoking insight into what lies in wait as we reach the winter of our lives. The poignant and moving scene before the final act — and it was this final act that I just didn't see coming at all — sets up the story's powerful conclusion.

There's a line towards the end that says: "Tears stung Bernie's eyes as they trickled down his cheeks." The quality of Michael J. Elliott's storytelling was such that tears stung my eyes, too, at the end of this tale.

I gave Dinner For Two five stars — I'll do the same with this, for its powerful storytelling, which left me thinking about Mr Westacott's Christmas long after I had moved on to another book