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    == Mindfulness ==

    Variety of religious and spiritual movements, such as Yoga, New Age and the New Thought movement use mindfulness meditation for spiritual growth and development. From the point of view of psychology, meditation can induce an altered state of consciousness.

    ”Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training” Books use a variety of spiritual and self-development tools: mindfulness exercises, personality questionnaires, setting true personal goals, inner exploration through writing and drawing, use of mandalas, tree of life, spiritual diary, relationship contracts, flower of beliefs, etc.

    == Spiritual Tools and Power of Mind ==

    Meditation is today a focus of increasing scientific research and over 1,000 research studies are published linking meditation to a variety of health benefits, Stress reduction, improvement of academic performance, sustained attention, increasing the one’s self control, and love.

    ”Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training” offers tools that explore the power of mind, creativity, consciousness, mindfulness, unconditional love. Through poetry, mindfulness non fiction books, courses work on developing the qualities of both heart and intellect, exploring virtues or ethical values [[yamas]], rules [[niyamas]], inspiring the inner growth. A spectrum of mystical exercises enhances both cognitive and emotional development and enhance Divergent Thinking

    The series authered by 7 authors is inspired by yin and yang, by mythology, alchemy, and within the parenting world by simplicity parenting, and alternative teaching educational models |url=htitle=Education of the Future|newspaper=Times of Malta|

    Through the use of spiritual and self-development tools, the researcher goal is to achieve good physical, mental and emotional health. Within parenting, the goal is to promote: unobstructed learning from nature |url=|title=Human Beings need to go out to be in nature|work=Times of Malta| and freedom in the learning environment 1|title=Creating Freedom in the Learning Environment|work=Times of Malta|

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    “Recognizing the power of our Mind and the power of our Soul, learning the art of Concentration and Love, we are learning to Live with the Flow, not against it.
    It is in our nature to learn and grow. For happiness we need to learn to Love, we need to learn to Concentrate and we should keep the flow and energy of inspiration within our lives.” Nuit, Mindful Being

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    Spiritual Writing the most read genre of all

    “Even within the ancient marketing, it was clearly understood that if a book is written by God, it stands a much better chance to win huge audience. Paradoxically, if you are a believer, all the books are by force written by God or influenced by His or Her Majesty, cause God as an Omni-potent entity must surely encompass the world of writing, yet a claim that the words are directly channeled by Holy Spirit (a messenger of God) is quite a popular one. Yet the competition within the world of Holy Spirit followers is quite tough, surely such experiences must be unique and sacred, so the other people’s assentation of the same, was at times guarded by deathly sword…” Nuit

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