The gothic city of Lightfield is being tormented by a homicidal maniac.

The mutilated remains of corpses are being found at random locations throughout the city. This psychopathic killer is smart and precise, leaving behind no clues or evidence of motive; only victims. Now, it is up to Inspector Jack Trinity to hunt the madman down without any leads to go on, all while struggling to maintain his own sanity. This case is personal to Jack. His livelihood and future depends upon his ability to unscramble the riddle and bring this monster to justice.

Along with the story of Jack Trinity and Secret of the Broken Mind, this book features many entertaining extras including information about Ronin Publications, an inside look at the illustrated novel DOC HOLLIDAY AND HIS MUDD CREEK REGULATORS by Robert Kasch, an exclusive interview with Robert Kasch himself, and much more.


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