#NaNoWriWee, the challenge to write a short novel or novelette in thirty hours is underway in London England, and the challenge just happens to coincide with a visit by Bestselling Author of The COTTON Omnibus, Hugh Howey, who is on a book tour in the city.

At the same time, a government experiment in creating super-soldiers goes awry when a new virus is tested on an a struggling independent writer from Leeds, and now peculiar zombies are on the loose in London and they are only eating good writers. As bad writers struggle to be validated by being eaten by zombies… who refuse to eat them… will England be left without any good writers at all? Will the country become just another France?

England needs some heroes, and so does the Book Publishing Industry. In this novella, actually written during #NaNoWriWee (National Novel Writers Weekend) and in under thirty hours, Michael Bunker, mind fried and groggy from too much coffee and not enough sleep, pokes a sharp and funny stick at zombies, the writing culture, mainstream publishing, England, France, and most of all, Piers Morgan.

Nothing good or literary can come of spilling out 30,000 words in under 30 hours… we just all hope it is not true that… HUGH HOWEY MUST DIE!!!

If you are looking for one of Michael Bunker’s usually well-written, thoughtful, philosophical, and poignant books… this ain’t it. Try W1CK or Futurity or any of the others. If, however, you want a laugh at what a man comes up with when he’s under a deadline and hasn’t slept in a few days… this one is for you.

***Hugh Howey’s compelling story, name, fictional likeness, and non-fictional awesomeness are used with his permission**


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