God Drug is an incredible journey into a mind altering reality–or is it reality? Experimenting with this drug is like no other experience you’ve ever had, your mind and existence bend and the adventure begins! A ground breaking science fiction novel from one of today’s most dynamic writers. Stephen L. Antczak has created a novel that will become a “cult classic” and be talked about for decades to come. A thinking man’s science fiction novel like no other.

“God Drug” is a modern underground classic on a par with Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five”. — C.J. Henderson, author of The Stench of Fresh Air
“God Drug” is a punkadelic trip into the dark side of the human soul. It’s a flying, terrifying voyage… — Sleazy P. Martini of GWAR
Antczak’s book is a trip. “God Drug” has all the ingredients of the very best modern science fiction. — Michael Moorcock, Author of Elric of Melnibone