Amazon Best-selling Author Alex Myers plunges readers into a world bubbling under the surface of our day-to-day.

It’s a snowy Christmas Eve and a couple of prostitutes deliver a baby. An hour later, the baby is found in a pool of blood and the mother has disappeared. The hookers raise the baby as their own and find the boy is a strange, wonderful, good-luck charm. As he gets older, they discover he’s been cursed with an astonishing gift.

21 Already An Old Soul
Cursed because the boy wants nothing more than to be normal. A gift because Danny Hunter can talk to ghosts and the ghosts can talk back.

Helping Them to Move On
Danny’s extremely adept at helping spirits cross over into the light—until he meets a powerful dark spirit that doesn’t want to go. A merciless demon that gets his strength from the souls of children and he’s out to gather more.

Danny’s Calling in Life?
Saving these kids and stopping this evil may also hold the answer to his mother’s disappearance. The world of the dead collides with the living and with the help of a defrocked, homeless Catholic priest, a 547 pound psychic to the stars, and the smartest, prettiest woman Danny has ever met, he decides to try.


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