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Skyler Donohue

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Thriller and Suspense


Quemazon Publishing

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Noteworthy Reviews

"It's been a while since I've read a book where the suspense kept me turning the pages like it did with Gene Cards." — Nicholas Sansbury Smith, bestselling author of Orbs

"Murders, genetically modified crops, government conspiracies, and frighteningly believable science create a compelling mystery and make Gene Cards an exciting thriller." — Anthony J. Melchiorri, author of The God Organ

"E.E. Giorgi is an accomplished scientist who also has a gift for spinning a suspenseful story. Gene Cards seems to arise from the nightmares of a geneticist who knows about things that can go wrong." — Carol Kean, Perihelion Book Critic

"Gene Cards is a fast-paced story that grabs you right from the start and keeps you on your toes right to the end. You feel as if you are part of the action!" — Stargazer Literary Prizes

"I found Gene Cards a rewarding read, one that kept me glued to the pages throughout to see what comes next. And come they did – many suspenseful and nail biting moments." —