From the World of Michael Bunker’s PENNSYLVANIA…a B-Company Origin Story.

A generation before Jedediah Troyer arrives in New Pennsylvania, the despotic Transport Authority asks Abram Brenneman to modernize his methods for raising crops in the Amish Zone. More efficient farming will produce more food, and that benefits everyone—doesn’t it?

For the Authority, it’s a simple request, a no-brainer. For the Brenneman family, changing how they raise crops means changing who they are as Plain People. When Abram strives to maintain his cultural traditions, he creates dissension within his own family—and conflict with local money-Amishman Matthew Yoder and his Transport friends.

Abram soon faces a decision that will alter the course of his family’s lives forever. And the choice he makes starts his young daughter Mary down the road of fate that leads to her becoming the beloved QB of Bestimmung Company.


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