Conscious Parenting is the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Course designed for parents.
We use Transformation Tools and Spiritual Exercises to help parents get in touch with Soul, with Love, and with Patience when dealing with kids.
Exploring the magic work with:
Soul’s Diary,
Spiritual Parenting Diary,
Developing Parenting Virtues,
Day-to-day Routine,
Happy Family Structure,
Cultivating of Relationships, etc.
the course explores some very inspiring exercises to examine the mind, subconscious and conscious thoughts, emotions, relationships.
Conscious Parenting Course looks into the parenting goals, dreams, from simple day-to-day task planning to the each parent’s dream of the bigger vision.
All through the mindfulness exercises of the Conscious Parenting Course, the parents are encouraged to listen to their Souls and to come back to love, awareness, consciousness hoping to inspire the parents capacity to stay Creative, Loving and Full of Energy.


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