They created another world, but some pieces were missing…

The contemporary fantasy saga continues! BOOK THREE: WORLD OF FAEREL

2013: Officer Jack Rowan drowns his sorrows in a bottle of whisky and makes a life-altering decision.

1943: Hanna Strausen, sheltered daughter of a wealthy industrialist, walks off into the bitter Austrian winter in an attempt to end a losing battle with cancer.

1967: Som Lek Trudeaux, on the run from the Tetra gambling syndicate, takes refuge in a mysterious spice shop.

2331: Drug-addled youth Claire Daniels takes her last hit of dioxyrybocontrin.

The adventure continues! In this third book in the series, Jack, Hanna, Som, and Claire are once again forced to take separate paths in their quest for the Destiny Scrolls. While Jack and his crew sail the Prinkipria out over the Eastern Seas to retrieve one of the star shards from the underwater city of Athanasius, the dungeoneer Andin ventures out in the burning desert sands of the Far West to rescue Som. Claire encounters Gleise the dwarf and becomes embroiled in an adventure in the Underlands, while Hanna works with the Hellion King to recover the last star shard from the Hall of the Amorite King.

This sprawling contemporary fantasy novel, set in the popular World of Faerel from award-winning fantasy adventure author Ted Fauster, pushes the farthest reaches of imagination. This is the third book in the series.


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