Now that Belgarath, Polgara, Garion and their companions have destroyed Rak Cthol and escaped with the Orb, they must flee the enraged army of Murgos, who seek to reclaim the Orb. Garion learns more about his strange powers and discovers that the Orb is communicating with him.

The Orb is delivered to the Hall of the Rivan King for safe keeping, and the predestined marriage of Garion to the proud Princess Ce’Nedra is announced. 

But the evil god Torak is awakening and will stop at nothing to recapture the Orb. Belgarath knows from the prophesies that the future of the world hinges on a final battle between Garion and Torak. Without alerting Polgara or anyone else at the castle, Belgarath, along with Garion and their friend Silk, sneak out of Rivan castle to face this final battle.

With the future of the world in danger, Princess Ce’Nedra finds the strength to raise an army, intent on helping Garion combat Torak and his forces. The fourth book in the 5-part bestselling Belgariad series.