August Creed here. If there’s a ghost in your house or a vampire in your bed, call me.

Except, don’t call right now. A spell has erased all memory of me from the world, and is slowly turning me into a soulless ghoul. My own mother wouldn’t even recognize me anymore. So for the next three days, I’ll be chasing crazy ghosts, fighting mad Adepts and cavorting with crafty demons, all so I can try and stop the magickwielding serial killer who spelled me in the first place, and who is still hellbent on destroying the world.

Anyway, point is, I’m seriously unavailable for the next few days. After that, assuming I’m not a soulless ghoul–and you better hope not, because that would mean the world has ended and we’ll all have bigger problems than a few haunted houses or mad Adepts run amok—give me a call, August Creed, magickslinger-for-hire, and Blackham City’s trenchcoat-wearing paranormal equalizer.


Blood Sacrifice is a new adult urban fantasy novel that takes elements of paranormal mystery and suspense and mixes them up with high-octane action to create an exciting new world and characters in the urban fantasy genre. It’s the first book in the August Creed urban fantasy series, and fans of Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne and Al K. Line will love getting to know Blackham City and its cast of supernatural (and human) inhabitants.


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