Three people cross paths during a life-threatening crisis. Within eight days, their relationships become unbearably heartbreaking.

A deeply-loved boy named Fez suffers a horrific tragedy. Years later, he is obsessed with revenge and vows to annihilate the evil that caused his trauma and continues to obliterate everything he has left to cherish.

On the other side of the world, young Kathleen, despised and rejected for earning a job traditionally given to a man, is determined to make a better life for herself. She reaches out to grab her greatest dream, risking everything to prove her worth. Millions of lives depend on her achieving her dream.

On her journey, Kathleen meets David, a highly-skilled, caring physician traveling alone. They are drawn to each other. She hopes he can heal her broken heart, but David has serious troubles of his own.

When Fez’s odyssey of vengeance collides with Kathleen’s exuberant spirit, her grand dream spiral into a horrendous nightmare. David does his best to help in their fight for survival, but it’s not enough. His bouts of amnesia put everyone at risk.

Will Kathleen become another innocent victim of Fez’s vicious fury? Or can she reignite the compassion and forgiveness his father taught him? Is it possible to mend such a troubled and tormented soul?

Bend in the Ocean is a realistic, multi-layered epic of survival and human needs. Faced with an intensifying crisis, the deeply-drawn characters respond in unexpected ways that provide a suspenseful and surprising heart-tugging experience. This is an emotional, brassy, provocative story that unabashedly exposes the potential strengths and flaws in all of us.

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